Musical tour through the historic district

Biedermann with Ukulele
Photo: Robert Jentzsch


Bänkelsänger Balthasar Briesemuth Biedermann will show you around Dresden’s historic district, where the city’s breathtaking baroque skyline rises over the banks of the beautiful Elbe River. This is where you can experience the glamour of bygone times and its reconstruction with a new sheen.

The dignified gentleman in the red frock coat will show you the Cathedral, Theater Square, Semperoper Opera House, the Dresden Castle and the Zwinger Palace. We will also visit the resurrected New Market Square and the one and only Frauenkirche, also known as the Church of Our Lady. You will have the chance to enjoy the view from Brühl’s Terrace, nicknamed “the Balcony of Europe”, into the Elbe River Valley.

Numbers, dates and buildings aren’t the focus of this tour, rather the faces behind the facades and the people who made history. Mr. Biedermann will take the bronze figures off of their pedestals and bring them to life for you. You will learn just what kind of people have been memorialized here.

Experience how the people of Dresden lived, laughed and loved in the olden times and enjoy brash, hearty, political and gallant ballads. History doesn’t get any livelier than this!

Gallant tales, exciting intrigues, tragic and amusing events – Bänkelsänger Biedermann knows them all and will let you in on Dresden’s most intimate secrets. Whether in myths or legends, history or tales, facts or rumors – you will never have been more informatively entertained or more amusingly informed!

Biedermann Termine

Tour length: approx. 1 ½ -2 hours.

A short version of the tour with select sights is available upon request.

€ 225.00 – request a special offer for small groups!

This tour does not include visits of museums, cathedrals etc.!

If you’d rather stay inside and experience Dresden sitting down, then why don’t you try the comedy variety show DRESDEN SKETCHES?

This tour can also be given in baroque dress:

Amorosi mit Laute am Baum
Foto: Jörg Simanowski

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