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Are you curious?

Are you looking for the stories behind Dresden’s noble facades?
Are you wondering just who those people on the monuments are?
Do you want to know how the people of Dresden lived, laughed and loved in the olden days?

Then follow the Bänkelsänger* on a historical tour through Dresden’s streets
and listen to his artful tales, hearty anecdotes and bold songs!

Gesichtscollage Musikalische Stadtführung

*Just what IS a Bänkelsänger, you ask? Click here!

History gets personal on these tours.

My musical city tours are unforgettable!

This is where old Dresden comes to life.
Let me take you to far away, vibrant, amusing, erotic, exciting and criminal times! Choose one of my many theme tours and let me impress you with the richness of history. Even Dresden natives can discover something new with me.

Or book the classic tour: A musical walk around Dresden’s historic downtown with the Bänkelsänger.

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