Meet the Duke of Saxony

Stephan Reher als August der Starke
Augustus the Strong at Zwinger Palace, Dresden – Photo: Robert Jentzsch

Duke Augustus the Strong receives you in a private Audience and shows you his personal sights of Dresden.

Meet the man himself: His Royal Highness the Elector of Saxony and King of Poland Augustus the Strong.

He is used to conversing with counts and countesses, dukes, duchesses, princes and kings from all over the world, noble visitors, dignitaries, luminaries and celebrities – but even if you might be just civilians without rank or title … it doesn’t matter today – he will welcome you heartily, because he is a very civil monarch!

And if you join him, he will show you his own special Dresden experience – as it was in his lifetime: Gallant, luxurious and full of splendour. A golden city in a golden age.

Duke Augustus is the reason why Dresden is so beautiful and rich.

He never was a great warrior, but he loves art, theatre and luxury. His most wonderful treasure, the Zwinger Palace, is what you might call a party location where the Duke loves to parade in phantastic costumes, where shows are staged with elephants, camels, acrobats, singers and musicians.

As you can see, he has a bit of a reputation to be wasteful, luxurious and squandering.

But I have to tell you – this is all … true!

Duke Augustus is a man of many talents – and he just LOVES charm and beauty. And not only the beauty of art, to be sure, but most of all he dotes on the glamour of charming ladies

So he has a lot to tell – about his life and times, his beautiful city, and of course his many mistresses!

Augustus the Strong sings a Serenade – Photo: Robert Jentzsch

Join Augustus the Strong on a walk throug Dresden’s Historical District, full of gallant stories, amusing anecdotes and loads of fun and information!

Upon request – for small and large groups.

Price: € 225,00
Special rates for small groups upon request.

If you’d rather stay inside and have an evening entertainment for your farewell dinner, company event, anniversary, wedding, birthday or etc. then why not book an Audience with the Duke indoors in a nice historical atmosphere?

August and His Mistress – Photo: Robert Jentzsch

Or would you like a show on a bigger scale – with the COUNTESS OF COSEL, courtiers, mistresses, dancers, court jester etc.?

We can give you a whole baroque experience!

Just contact me and we can fix your personal arrangement.